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This section displays Lynx latest news:


Our participations in events:

December 2013 Lynx starts representing two new partners: Intrepid CS



October 2013 Lynx participates at Testing Expo 2013 in Detroit, USA.



September 2013 Lynx accepts "cartão BNDES" as a payment option for many of our products.

- Aquisition System ADS2002 (with 3 or 5 slots) and AI2161 and AI2164 (8 or 16 channels) conditioners.

- DLG4000 datalogger (4 or 8 channels).

- The servo-controller ODIN1400 and servo-channels ODIN1401.



August 2013 Lynx is present at Testing Show de 2013 together with CSM, NAC and Red-Ant. It took place at the Sheraton WTC COnference Center in São Paulo, during the 22nd and 23rd.



April 2012 We begun representing Industrifil, a french special wires and cables manufacturer.For more information click here.


  August 2014 Lynx participates at Testing Show 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil.

October 2011 We have been certified with ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485:2004


  October 2013 Lynx participates at Testing Expo 2013 in Detroit, USA.

August 2011 We are now representing Red-Ant, a german company specialized in Power Train testing equipment. For more information click here.


  August 2013 Lynx participates at Testing Show 2013 in São Paulo, Brazil.

25years in 2009 In January, 2009 we complete 25 years in the market. Our thanks for our customers, suppliers and workers.


  March 2013 Lynx participated at CMC 2013 in Curitiba, Brazil.

Dezembro de 2008In December we started representing Lorenz messtechik products in Brazilian market. Lorenz messtechnik is a German manufacturer of load cells and torque sensors. Load sensors covers a wide range of loads: from 10 N up to 5000 kN. They are static (0,005 N.m to 20.000 N.m), slip-ring rotating (1 N.m to 5.000 N.m) and contactless rotating (0,1 N.m to 20.000 N.m). For more information click here.


  November 2007 Lynx took part of Cobem (Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Mecânica) in Brasília, where many participants and visitor heared of Lynx for the first time. We thank all for taking their time to visit our booth and specially UnB for inviting us.

November 2008

In November, NAC and Lynx announced an agreement where Lynx becomes NAC´s Technical Service Center for Brazil.

NAC is a high speed camera manufacturer. For more information click here.


  November 2007 Lynx took part of SBOT 2007 together with Emsa Equipamentos Médicos. There Lynx always presents Compumed's Osteogram, a low cost and accurate osteoporosis recognition equipment.

April 2008 New site release. We are releasing a new site, renewed and updated with more information on products and services. We hope it will be completely update by the end of April.


  October 2004 Lynx participates at Testing Expo 2004 in Detroit together with InsysCorp and GIF, and launches the ODIN servo-contorller series in the american market.
March 2008

ODIN1400- servo controller achieves expressive sales figures in 2007-2008, both in Brazil and USA.


November 2007

COBEM 2007.

Em novembro de 2007, participamos do Cobem (Congresso Brasileiro de Engenharia Mecânica) em Brasília, onde vários profissionais e acâdemicos entraram em contato pela primeira vez com a Lynx, além de recebermos a visita de clientes. Agradecemos a todos o seu tempo em nosso stand e em especial à UnB pelo convite.


Novembro de 2007

SBOT 2007

Em novembro de 2007 participamos do SBOT 2007 realizado em juntamente com a Emsa Equipamentos Médicos, onde tradicionalmente apresentamos o Osteogram. A cada ano, aumenta a aceitação do Osteogram, um produto que permite o acesso a exame de osteoporose a populações de baixa renda.


Outubro de 2004

Testing Expo Detroit 2004

Em outubro de 2004 participamos da Testing Expo 2004 em Detroit juntamente com a InsysCorp e a GIF, onde a série ODIN foi apresentada ao mercado americano.