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Red Ant

Red-ant is a German company based in Munich that provides measurment equipment for vibration and noise analysis in powertrain sub-systems (engines and transmission components).

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Complete NVH solution provide fast good or bad decisions based on relevant, objective statements on the noise of a test item. This significantly increases the value and meaningfulness of end-of-line quality testing - and mostly without making the cycle time any longer. The system is ideally suited for the identification and calculation of all types of gear, engine, pump and turbine noise and performs material testing for metal and ceramic products by analysing sounds. Automated reporting systems, which can be tailored exactly to your requirements, provide you with a swift overview of your measurement data and prepare a reliable trend analysis.

Monitors endurance testing for engines and gears, axles, hybrid drivetrains, turbochargers, WPS gears and many more - without interruption, 24/7. The system measures the impact sound and torsion vibration of the prototype and compares the data with the previously learned threshold values depending on the operating load. It recognizes failures as they arise and sends a shutdown pre-alert to the test stand, if further operation is at risk from the failures. This allows MIG16 SFE flexible to protect your prototypes and your test stand. Gear, bearing, and engine failures, wear and tear and switching noises are identified and mapped in the easy-to-verify documentation of the entire testing process. Our EasyReporting software provides you with meaningful evaluations of the measurement data that is swiftly available in 24-bit resolution.

Brochure: MIG16 AQS Brochure: MIG16 SFE