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Lynx has developped many different testing systems over the last decades. Brake System Testing, Circuit Breaker Testing and Clutch Testing are examples of these systems.

We are always open to understand the customers needs and find the best solution possible.

Clutch Testing     Circuit Break Tester     Press Fit  

This machines are used to characterize heavy duty clutches. They are used to check to classify the parts.
Parameters like planicity and departure are calculated.

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  Equipment built by Lynx used to measure the open and close of High Voltage Circuit Breaker.

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Press fit (or interferenc fit) checking for component assembly. It is used in assembly line to verify the assembly of components by pushing the parts together

  • Force and displacement acquisition;
  • Limit check;
  • On line graphics;
  • Result storage and retrieve.

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Vibration Analysis Systems (NVH)     High Speed Video Cameras        
Lynx represents red ant measurement technologies. They offer NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) analysis systems for powertrain components (engines and transmissions).   NAC Image Technology is the most experienced name in high speed video cameras and camera systems. Since 1958, NAC’s continuous record of technical and digital innovation and a comprehensive, integrated line-up of products have set industry standards for performance and reliability, satisfying specific high speed imaging requirements.      
Road Simulator - ICGen     Shock Absorber Testing     (STP) Pressure Monitoring System  
In 1993, we developed a 12 channel road simulator with GM Brazil.
In 2007 we launched the Windows version and is being used by 3 customers up to now.

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  Used to get characteristic curves from shock absorbers.
In version 4 it can be used to durability test too.

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  Used in offshore equipment industry, it is a system used to check the leakage in high pressure hidraulic circuits. It helps the test engineer keep track of up to 16 components.

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Break System Test. It is a system that can be used to make many test on board. All tests needed for break systems are pre-programmed. The BT program has very friendly user interface.

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