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Hydraulic servo controlled servo-machines are used for durability test of materials, components and equipments. Several companies worldwide, including many respected and traditional manufacturers, make this kind of equipment.

In Brazil, due to the high cost of this equipment, it was restricted to large enterprises. Because of this, we decided to develop a solution for the local market that can be perfectly applied in other countries as well. In fact it is already being used in the US for various applications.

Our servo-controllers are inexpensive, very flexible and user friendly.

In the US we are partners with Insyscorp, a Michigan based company that gives all necessary support for our product.

Furthermore, we have a partnership with a one of the few companies that make hydraulic servo-valves around the globe. These servo-valves are comparable to the best in the market. For further information contact us.



Up to 4 simultaneous axis TRUE DIGITAL servo-controller.Low cost, highly flexible, PC interface.

With a Personal Computer and the ATMP program you can make from single sinusoidal test up to multi channel tests. With ICGen®, another Lynx program, you will be able to make tests with random signal systems like in four posts or road simulators.




Software for ODIN1400: ATMP




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Playback module for signal reproduction in simulators - can be used with any servo-controller with external command.










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