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Up to 4 simultaneous axis TRUE DIGITAL servo-controller.

Low cost, highly flexible and has a easy to use PC interface.

Together with our american partner InsysCorp, based in Michigan, we developed this cost-effective servo-controller.

With a Personal Computer and the ATMP program you can make from a single sinusoidal test to multi channel tests. With ICGen®, another Lynx software, you will be able to make tests with random signal systems like in four posts or road simulators.

Booklet: ODIN1400.pdf



  • Bumpless start and mode change;
  • Test and parameter set up save and recovery;
  • Highly intuitive human interface;

Data Acquisition (optional):

  • One click start;
  • Compatible with Lynx's AqDados® and AqDAnalysis®.


  • Digital loop operating at 4 KHz;
  • 16 bits resolution;
  • up to feedback sources per loop;
  • manual PID adjust.

Amplitude control (optional)

  • Bi-modal PI. Allows mean and amplitude control from multiple inputs. This method allows an easier control for tests with low load and high displacement.

Dual loop/ Installation mode (optional):

  • Great for assembling sensitive parts in framed actuators;
  • Dual loop technology: inner and outer loop with different feedbacks (e.g., inner loop in force, and outer loop in displacement);
  • inner loop limit (assures that the part won't be broken if the operator request an incorrect external loop set point;

Function Generator:

  • Frequency range : 0.1 to 200 Hz;
  • Waveforms: sinusoidal, rectangular, triangular, double sinusoidal;
  • External generator input.


Profiler generator (optional):

  • Waveform generation;
  • Loops;
  • Actions: pump on/off, pressure on/off, wait operator, wait digital input, static set, span set, amplitude control on/off, etc.

Servo-valve driver:

  • 2 stage;
  • Up to 50 mA current source or +/- 10 V voltage source (configurable);
  • Dither adjust from 0 to 25%, frequency from 15 to 1000 Hz.

Hydraulic command :

  • Pump on/off with relays: 1A, 24 VDC;
  • Status / pump interlock;
  • Standard industrial M12 connectors;
  • Pressure control: low and high with relays 1A, 24 VDC;

Signal conditioners:

  • Configurable by jumpers and software (gain, offset, balance and shunt cal);
  • 1 AC/DC conditioner for LVDTs or resistive bridge sensors;
  • 2 DC conditioners for resistive bridge sensors;
  • On and off line calibration ;
  • 2 encoder inputs.


  • Minimum and maximum values;
  • Instantaneous error, amplitude and mean errors;
  • Configurable action on limit.

Power supply:

  • 90 to 240 VAC, 47 a 63 Hz;

Dimensions (Control Unity)

  • Height: 87 mm
  • Length: 305 mm
  • Depth: 268 mm

Dimensions (Channel Unity)

  • Height: 56 mm
  • Length: 305 mm
  • Depth: 268 mm