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Lynx is a brazilian leading supplier of Data Acquisition, Testing and Measuring equipments.We manufacture our own products and represent other leading companies that complements our product line. For over 30 years we have been supplying solutions to our customers.

Our solutions:

- Data Acquisition and Analysis;
- Servo-controllers;
- Signal Conditioner;
- Sensors;
- Testing Machines.

Solutions from our partners

- Load Cells and Torque Sensors/Trandsucers (Lorenz)
- Miniature cable and wires for instrumentation (Industrifil)
- High speed video cameras (NAC)
- Automotive network analysis (Intrepid)
- Powertrain vibration control (red-ant)
- Shakers (IMV)
- Residual stress analyser (Pulstec)


Data Acquisition Systems and Dataloggers Servo Controllers Special Equipment


ADS1800 is a complete Data Acquisition System

UNIVERSAL INPUT condicioner. It can used for almost all type of sensors: including strain gages (full, half and quarter bridges), thermocouples, Pt100, LVDT, IEPE sensors (accelerometers and microphones).

1 AD converter per channel, 24 bits, 24 or 96 ksamples/sec..

It is used by researchers and engineers in all engineering and scientific areas.




Up to 4 simultaneous axis TRUE DIGITAL servo-controller.

Low cost, highly flexible, PC interface.




Lynx is specialized in developping special testing machines. They are manufactured according to the customers needs.

    Software   Services and Training



Lynx develops software for data acquisition analsysis and testing systems.


Lynx offers engineering services to help the customer find the best solution to satisfy his needs.

Training for Lynx systems and software also also offered.